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Protect your drinking water with our well system inspection

It's essential to protect your well with ongoing, annual inspections. Let our experienced and dedicated inspector handle the inspection for you. We're dedicated to providing you with exceptional, reliable service. Read more about your well system and our recommendations.

What you need to know about your drilled well

Drilled wells penetrate about 100 to 400 feet into the bedrock. Where you find bedrock at the surface, it is commonly called ledge. To serve as a water supply, a drilled well must intersect bedrock fractures containing ground water.  


How can I know the quality of my private drinking water supply?

Consider Heartland Building Inspections for testing the well for pesticides, organic chemicals, and heavy metals before you use it for the first time. Test private water supplies annually for nitrate and coliform bacteria to detect contamination problems early. Test them more frequently if you suspect a problem. Be aware of activities in your watershed that may affect the water quality of your well, especially if you live in area without a sewer.


What you don't know about your well and drinking water can hurt you! Let our licensed inspector help you.

Protect your well-water with our thorough inspections and testing.

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Schedule an inspection with us today. We also encourage you to download our well system file to learn more about your water.