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Gain peace of mind after a thorough septic system inspection

Count on our 28+ years of experience to ensure your septic system is working properly. You'll work with us to ensure your system is operating efficiently and safely. We provide exceptional service at competitive rates. Take the time to learn more about your septic system or call our licensed inspector today.

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Clean water is our heritage, and it's also our responsibility. As the population grows and more land is developed, we must all find new ways to safeguard our environment for future generations. A septic system may be out of sight, but it definitely should not be out of mind. With proper standard maintenance and by being more aware of your daily habits, you will greatly improve the life and health of your system.  It's very important to know where the tank is in order to have it pumped and maintained regularly.


Why should I maintain my septic system?  

A key reason to maintain your septic system is to save money! Failing septic systems are expensive to repair or replace, and poor maintenance is often the culprit. Having your septic system inspected (at least every 2 years) is a bargain when you consider the cost of replacing the entire system. Your system will need pumping every 3 to 5 years, depending on how many people live in the house and the size of the system. An unusable septic system or one in disrepair will lower your property's value and could pose a legal liability. Other good reasons for safe treatment of sewage include preventing the spread of infection and disease and protecting water resources. Typical pollutants in household wastewater are nitrogen, phosphorus, disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Nitrogen and phosphorus are aquatic plant nutrients that can cause unsightly algae blooms. Excessive nitrate-nitrogen in drinking water can cause pregnancy complications, as well as methemoglobinemia (also known as blue baby syndrome) in infancy. Pathogens can cause communicable diseases through direct or indirect body contact or ingestion of contaminated water or shellfish. If a septic system is working properly, it will effectively remove most of these pollutants.

Expect thorough, reliable reports and analysis after we fully inspect your septic system.

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